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This is not a blog as such, but just a timeline of some stuff that I’ve done, and it was important enough so I took the time to add it here.


Became a member of the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand.

29/11/2012 Brisbane, Australia

My daughter Laura was born at home, thanks to MyMidwives (Ipswich).

19 – 22/11/2012 Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Bootcamp at iLab, Brisbane. Four days of business mentoring to help develop the idea for personalised news search; 30 other teams developing their own stuff.

08/10/2010 – 10/10/2010 Brisbane, Australia

Innovation Camp – The first such “camp” to be held in Brisbane. “The event aims to bring together a diverse group of people from programmers to designers to business minds who are interested in starting and launching a venture from scratch.” Came up with a good idea there (volunteer support site), which was in fact a special use case of another idea I’ve had for a long time (OS Dreams). Developed a prototype, made a presentation, talked to potential users.

See online presentation, or download as ZIP file (unzip, then open index.html in browser and navigate as a standard presentation).

31/08/2010 – 03/09/2010 Toronto, Canada

Web Intelligence 2010 conference (WI-IAT, co-hosted with Intelligent Agent Technology conference). Presented a short article about my Intelligent Web Exploration project (Let’s Trust Users – It Is Their Search).

18/01/2010 – 22/01/2010 Brisbane, Australia

Twenty-First Australasian Database Conference (ADC2010). Presented a paper (Building a Dynamic Classifier for Large Text Data Collections) explaining some adaptations I made to the Multinomial NaÏve Bayes classifier so as to make it more suitable to online data.

03/02/2009 Brisbane, Australia

My son Nikola (Nicky) was born at Logan Hospital, Meadowbrook.

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