Timeline – detailed

This is not a blog as such, but just a timeline of some stuff that I’ve done, and it was important enough so I took the time to add it here. Unlike the main one, where I’ll put the important stuff only, this will also have short entries on everyday things as well.

16 – 17/08/2016 Sydney, NSW, Australia
In Sydney for the New Economy Conference 2016 where I presented the Ethical Investor project.

27/12/2014 Woodford, QLD, Australia
Day at the Woodford Folk Festival.

23/11/2014 Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Finally… one of the bananas is going to have fruit.

04-07/11/2014 Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Open Source Developers Conference at Griffith University / Gold Coast campus. Was going to talk about the Open Source Dreams project but could not.

13/07/2014 Caboolture, QLD, Australia
Visited the Abbey Medieval Festival with my son and baby daughter.

01/02/2014 Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Planted two raspberries next to one of my macadamia trees.

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