Auto Bookmark

Auto Bookmark is an add-on for Firefox which you can use to automatically save (bookmark) documents based on pre-defined rules. You can set up a rule to save the document you are currently viewing into a specific folder if its URL, title or text match a specific text.

This add-on is the first version of a more advanced system which will help you “remember” sites you visited but did not bookmark because you did not think them important enough at the time (or just couldn’t be bothered), and then search through them in a meaningful way. Ideally, it will become a replacement for the “Bookmark” feature of your browser.

Still under development, this add-on will benefit greatly from your feedback and ideas so please contact me at pavka at this domain with your comments, bug reports and feature requests.

You can download the file here: auto_bookmark_0_1.xpi


Auto updates do not work yet! The add-on is still being tested; this feature will work after you download and install it from the official Firefox add-on page (when it gets published there).


The add-on was programmed after my specifications by Anil Kumar Attuluri.

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